Spa Medical is a relaxing oasis where medical science and a luxurious spa environment combine to provide extraordinary skin and body rejuvenation. Spa Medical offers a vast selection of advanced - yet affordable - anti-aging procedures and spa treatments. At Spa Medical, we are committed to providing our clients with effective medical treatments by professional, licensed, medical personnel - all within a luxurious, discrete environment. We are meticulous in maintaining excellent service, continually striving to make your experience with us truly special and rewarding.

Terri Harper, NP-C

More than 20 years ago, Terri began a quest to develop an expertise in non-surgical anti-aging procedures that maintain a natural, refreshed appearance.  Since that time, she has developed a passion to help others in their anti-aging journey by using the latest non-surgical procedures and techniques. Terri believes everyone should feel confident about their appearance in each stage of aging and is committed to helping you achieve that goal. Terri is a national trainer and speaker on injectables, serves as the clinical director of Spa Medical, and has treated over 8,000 patients.

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